CHI 2017 Data and Statistics:

The following pages provide data related to the number of publications at CHI 2017. 'Quality Over Quantity' is an often-emphasised phrase, but we can't count quality, hence here are some quantities instead 😉
By Authors: kashyaptodi.com/chi2017/authors
By Institutions: kashyaptodi.com/chi2017/institutions
By Cities: kashyaptodi.com/chi2017/cities
By Countries: kashyaptodi.com/chi2017/countries

You can also view an entire list of paper titles (with author names) here: http://www.kashyaptodi.com/chi2017/paperslist.pdf.
The "Link" button next to each title opens Google search results for the title.

You can compare these with some stats from the previous years.
CHI 2016: kashyaptodi.com/chi2016
CHI 2015: kashyaptodi.com/chi2015
CHI 2014: kashyaptodi.com/chi2014